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Phlebotomy – The key to your future

Young people just getting out of high school are looking for a career path to start moving down and older workers are looking for a career change. For young people, having seen what has happened to parents, relatives and neighborhood families is alarming. The concern is training for a career, only to see the area of employment dry up through outsourcing or other causes. Older workers have lost jobs that are not coming back. They are looking for a new direction in their
employment. Phlebotomy programs are the answer to this dilemma.

Phlebotomy training will lead to future opportunities

Although no one has a crystal ball, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has good data that is used to make estimates concerning job growth in various areas of the economy. It is the health care field that looks to have the strongest growth and stability in the future. These types of jobs are service jobs that cannot be

outsourced. With the aging of the American society, there figures to be a lot of work for many years to come. Breaking into this field can be difficult because most of the jobs require a lot of training, however, phlebotomy is an exception and programs are readily available.

What are phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy programs provide training for a person to be qualified to draw blood from a patient. This blood is usually for the purpose of lab testing and is most often found in hospitals, but a phlebotomist can be found in various clinical settings, as well as blood banks. There is a lot of background information that must be learned before you can begin to learn the physical skills necessary to draw blood. When taking a program you will learn basic anatomy as well as the circulatory system. You will also learn safety procedures and then learn in a physical environment how to draw blood. Some of the actual learning of the specifics of drawing blood are learned in the first few weeks when working in a real world environment.

Where to find phlebotomy programs

There are two ways to take a phlebotomy program; online and offline. When looking for offline programs they are often found at community colleges. For specific locations, the local Red Cross can usually point you in the right direction. These programs are also available online. An Internet course can be taken from the comfort of your own home. It offers greater flexibility for someone who is working full time. The courses are there for you when you have the time. They fit your schedule rather than you having to fit into the schedule of a traditional classroom environment.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate

Depending upon the state you will be practicing in, there are various requirements for certification and licensing of a phlebotomist. You will need to be certified before you can begin working. If you do phlebotomy programswell in you courses, you should have no problem getting a certificate. The time it takes to complete a program averages about 15 weeks. A certificate is granted once an approved test has been given and passed.

How Much Does a Phlebotomist Make?

The entry level pay is dependent on where in the country you are working. The entry level pay can be anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 dollars an hour. Over time this number goes up with more experience on the job, but will reach a maximum around $15.00 and hour. More money is paid to those with two year degrees, but these people usually have other skills to complement their phlebotomy skills; and that is what makes phlebotomy such a good program to complete; it is a stepping stone for greater opportunities.

To make a lot of money in the health care field, means having both training and education. The more jobs you can do, the more valuable you will be. Phlebotomy represents an entry level position in the medical field, but it is a job done in a hospital or clinical setting. You can continue your education part time, while gaining valuable experience on the job. Once you have worked in a medical setting, you will be able to observe first hand the different jobs that are done at a hospital. You will then be able to determine what is of interest to you and the education you will need to pursue that particular line of work. It can all begin for you with phlebotomy programs that are waiting for you to take. Let’s not forget that that there are available online classes for anyone interested in Phlebotomy programs as well.

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